DETOXING: Day 1: Getting Started

Detoxing Starts with Core and Restore

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are!

If you are interested in our physician supervised detox program, you can start at anytime. We offer a comprehensive detox package that includes unlimited use of our infrared sauna, biomat, three private consultations and more. Read more about the DETOX Program Package.


The first two days of something new are often the hardest, yes? Rest assured, in this case, your body will thank you.

With the launch of the first GROUP DETOX PROGRAM we are very excited to share how the detox program works, tips, recipes, and what a person might expect during the 6 week journey to better health.

Beginning with the End in Mind

You are feeling fatigued, tired and not sleeping well. Stress and the busyness of everyday life has given way to poor food choices or not eating at all, You are feeling sapped of any/all energy!

You’re body is trying to tell you something! Are you listening?

Starting a detox program can seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The DETOX program is a body reset that will begin to put you on a path of good nutrition, help you to be mindful about the kinds of foods you are eating, and gently remove toxins from your body that are keeping your liver and GI tract from doing what it needs to do. Paired with a healthful, easy to implement diet that will reduce inflammation in your body, by the time you finish the 6 weeks, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel. You will have reset your body!

Everyone’s path to detoxification is different. Here are some of the benefits you may experience during DETOX:

  • Shed Pounds
  • Increase Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Less Brain Fog
  • More Focus
  • Clearer Skin

Day One Begins with Core Restore

The first seven days of the program begin with CORE RESTORE. Core Restore jump starts your body, helping it begin to function at an optimal level. Core Restore has been tested and used by Dr. Rao personally, many times over. Nutrient packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, the smoothie shakes help the body begin to release. The first two days are all about filling your body with nutrients that support and GENTLY release toxins.

Join Us on the Journey

Watch the journey as it unfolds and you will see first hand if detoxing is right for you. If you are interested in learning more, or want to join the program, REACH OUT!

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