Detoxing Day 3: Reintroducing Food

Reintroducing Food and What Happened on Day TWO


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Ok, so day two may have been kinda hard for some of you. I experienced a little bit of a headache, no doubt left over from my black tea caffeine purge. Hunger pangs kicked in around 4 in the afternoon, so I fired up the Ninja and blended out my evening smoothie and it carried me through the rest of the evening. Lots of water throughout the day kept me hydrated. I experienced increased energy throughout the day and felt like I was a little sharper, clear headed. All good signs of things to come. The headache subsided and I had a very restful nights sleep.

You made it.

Now it’s day three and your body is ready to start processing food again. For the next five days you will still be having a protein shake and the supplements, and you will be reintroducing foods back as well. There’s an additional vitamin supplement that gets added to your morning and evening routine.

The handbook that comes with Core Restore has an easy to follow, sample meal plan including recipes. You don’t have to follow the meal plan, but all of the recommendations in the handbook give you lots of ideas for eating whole, unprocessed foods. The food recommendations follow the anti-inflammatory diet that we recommend to all of our patients at Shakthi, so it’s a great fit.

There’s a grocery list for:

  • Vegetables (avocados, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower all list toppers)
  • Oils and Dressings (apple cider vinegar, olive, flax seed, and more)
  • Beans (black beans, garbanzo and lentils)
  • Herbs and Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and more)
  • Nuts and Seeds (almonds and chia)
  • Grains (QUINOA ROCKS!)
  • Fruits (apples, bananas, berries of all kinds)
  • Meats (chicken and ground turkey are list toppers)
  • Other Miscellaneous items like almond butter, almond milk, rice milk, etc.

Add fruit to your morning smoothies to give it a healthy, sweet kick. Great smoothie fruits include mixed berries, bananas and mango. You can buy many of these fruits organic and frozen. Fresh fruits are fantastic as well. And don’t forget the veggies!

What am I Going to Eat Today?

If you stock your pantry and refrigerator with foods that fit your better eating plan, it makes it a whole lot more easy to whip up things you will enjoy.

Today, for my morning smoothie, I added some frozen mango, fresh spinach, chia seeds and green matcha powder. I love GREEN smoothies and GREEN is GOOD! Watch how quickly you can whip this up!

On Sunday, I whipped up a quinoa, brussel sprout, cranberry, sweet potato casserole as a side dish. I made enough for a weeks worth of lunches and side dishes for me and the whole family. It didn’t take long and now several meals are made. For lunch today, I’m going to add some grilled chicken for added protein, mix it all up add a little apple cider vinegar and BAM!

Here’ the super simple recipe:

  • Cut up brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.
  • Coat them in olive oil and pepper and put them in a glass dish.
  • Toss whole cranberries into the dish as well.
  • Cover with foil and roast them in the oven at 375 degrees for 45-50 minutes.
  • While the veggies are roasting, cook quinoa according to package instructions.
  • Once roasted, mix the cooked quinoa in with the vegetable and cranberry and enjoy.

SUPER SIMPLE. Chock full of vitamins, good fats, fiber and quinoa is protein packed.

For Dinner, another smoothie most likely packed with spinach or kale and a veggie packed side salad. The meal plan accounts for a snack, so we’ll see if I’m hungry for one.

What are you eating today after two days on smoothies alone? Tell us!

Join Us on the Journey

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