Blueberry Bowl

DETOXING: Day 7 Completing Your First 7 Days!


You Made It! 7 Days Down and Feeling Great!

If you are interested in our physician supervised detox program, you can start at anytime. We offer a comprehensive detox package that includes unlimited use of our infrared sauna, biomat, three private consultations and more. Read more about the DETOX Program Package.

By day 7 You have started to take an ACTIVE role in your health and have established very good eating habits.

Did you find the first seven days challenging? Are you feeling more in control over your cravings. Some of the benefits of this first phase of detoxification include: weight loss, hormone balance and a healthy connection to food.

Now it’s time to move into phase 2 of the DETOX program and that means we’ll be introducing UltraClear Renew powder in addition to the balanced diet you have already started to establish.

Blueberry Bowl

What have you found to be your favorite foods?

If you like SWEETS, one of the toughest things you may have had to overcome in the last 7 days is a sweet tooth. A really great way to satisfy a sweet tooth is power packed fruit. This snack bowl has been a great addition to my diet. Super simple handful of blueberries, walnuts and dried coconut. Packed with antioxidants, this is a great snack.

You can download and stock your pantry and refrigerator with all the foods that fit the recommended foods list and take some of the guess work out of what to eat.

Have you tried the Infrared Sauna or Biomat yet?

Don?t forget about all the added benefits of the program. Have you come in to use the Infrared Sauna yet? Not sure how it works. We’ll be sharing a “look inside the sauna” and its detoxifying benefits later this week.

Remember, there are a lot of benefits and additional services through the Dump the Junk Detox Program at Shakthi available to you while you are on your six week journey. The entire program is medically supervised and designed for you to begin your journey good health, resetting your body, mind and nutritional habits.

Join Us on the Journey

Watch the journey as it unfolds and you will see first hand if detoxing is right for you. If you are interested in learning more, or want to join the program, REACH OUT!

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