DETOXING: Physical Changes You May Be Experiencing

Feeling Different?

The purpose of moving through a body detox program is to eliminate toxins from your body giving? yourself a whole body reset?setting a course for better diet and lifestyle choices. When you follow the plan, you may start to experience changes in your body that are noticeable.

Some of these changes include:

  • Better digestion
  • Increased energy
  • Getting more sleep
  • Decreased inflammation

How Inflammation Affects Your Body

Inflammation is not an infection. Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection. When your body is out of balance from things like stress, your hormones can become out of balance, you may experience extreme fatigue, lack of sleep and even feel depleted of all energy. Your whole body can feel like it’s in pain. Inflammation can be triggered by many things including your diet.

Lifestyle and diet can help reduce inflammation. Here is a recommended foods list that can help you reduce inflammation in the body. Everyone is different and food sensitivities are common. At Shakthi, we can help you assess your nutritional imbalances.

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Here’s what one of our patients shared about her experiences moving through the Detox Program.

“Personally, as I have moved through the Detox program, I have found that the joint pain I typically experience in my hips and back while sleeping has subsided. It’s GONE, allowing me to get better rest and sleep through the entire night. This is HUGE. I have discovered that certain foods like dairy and gluten trigger pain in my joints that make sleeping and sometimes moving almost impossible. Eliminating sodas and other sugars from my diet in favor of drinking more water and teas have helped significantly reduce my mood fluctuations and how I handle the stresses of my day. Four weeks into the program and I have found I don’t crave sugar at all. I feel like the brain fog has lifted. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve lost about 12 pounds.” -L

Have you tried the Infrared Sauna or Biomat yet?

Don?t forget about all the added benefits of the program. Have you come in to use the Infrared Sauna yet?

Remember, there are a lot of benefits and additional services through the Dump the Junk Detox Program at Shakthi available to you while you are on your six week journey. The entire program is medically supervised and designed for you to begin your journey good health, resetting your body, mind and nutritional habits.

Join Us on the Journey

If you are interested in our physician supervised detox program, you can start at anytime. We offer a comprehensive detox package that includes unlimited use of our infrared sauna, biomat, three private consultations and more. Read more about the DETOX Program Package.

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